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Westbrook leaving OKC? Lakers top choice?

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By Joe Castro –

Russell Westbrook is set to be a free agent in the Summer of 2018, but what’s most alarming is that he has a $207 million extension on the table from the Oklahoma City Thunder since July 1st, and he has yet to sign the offer? This would make Westbrook the highest paid player in the NBA, also in NBA History, and would secure his future with OKC. So why has he yet to sign the deal? As the NBA season nears, and as his Oct 16th deadline to sign the offer approaches, many feel that this could be his last season with the Thunder… If so, where could he end up?

There have already been plenty of rumors of Lebron James taking his talents to Los Angeles next season, and now we’re hearing he and his wife have been touring private schools in the LA area. Adding Lebron to the Lakers would be a huge move for the franchise. Now, add in Paul George, who is an LA Native, and has already been rumored to join the Lakers next season (in part thanks to Magic Johnson). Lastly, you have Westbrook, who is also an LA Native, who could return home to form the next great super team if he and George want to continue playing together.

A team of Ball, Ingram, James, Westbrook and George would be down right scary and probably the best team in NBA history! You can add 10 other player to that team, no matter what their names would be, and the Lakers would be the clear cut favorite to tin the title for the next 5+ years. And as we all know, players would jump at the chance to play on that team and play for a league minimum, to make it happen.

So why would Westbrook re-up with the Jordan Brand for the next 10 years, and NOT with OKC? Well, as a Lakers fan, we can only hope it’s to bring the Lakers back to dominance in the NBA! Stay tuned over the next few weeks, because if Westbrook doesn’t sign, the worry in OKC will grow, and the wonder from the rest of the league will begin to take flight.

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