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Lonzo Raps himself in Controversy, and Lavar continues to drop the Ball

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By Joe Castro –

When Lonzo Ball was drafted #2 overall last year’s NBA Draft, Lakers’ fans rejoiced and then instantly cringed at the thought of having to constantly deal with his dad, Lavar Ball. Kind of like Hitting a 5 Team Parlay in Football, realizing they still have to kick the extra point and then having it blocked, making your bet a giant waste of hope and dreams.

Lonzo never got it going last year, and even when he was healthy, he looked middle of the pack at best. He missed 30 games, averaged around 10 points, 7 boards, 7 dimes, and his FG, 3PT, and FT % were all pretty low, mainly due to his odd shooting motion. Now, I’m not going sit here and say how stupid the Lakers were for passing on Mitchell, Smith Jr, etc., but they did pass on Tatum, and in the process, they also drafted the biggest fake hype man of all time in Lavar. I personally liked Lavar, for about 3 and a half minutes. Since then, he is just running his mouth, causing problems and making waves in the Lakers organization.

And just when you think things couldn’t possibly be any worse, we have Lonzo dropping a Diss Rap Track on his fellow teammate Kyle Kuzma. These two have seemed to be friends all year, and watching them joke around during the season with Ingram and the other young players was fun, and all very harmless. But when Zo comes out, and calls Kuzma a peasant, questions his relationship with his father, and says he is a bad player, in one poorly timed music video, you have to wonder WHY this is happening weeks before we try to lure top free agents to join the Purple and Gold.

To make matters worse, the human hype train of Lavar Ball is going around and giving interviews to really put the Lakers behind the 8-Ball. He just doesn’t get it… Bro, NO ONE WANTS YOUR OPINION. Especially as the Lakers try to look appealing and a good environment to play in! He is out there saying Kuzma and Lonzo actually aren’t friends, that LeBron is for sure coming to the Lakers, that LeBron won’t teach Lonzo anything, and that Lonzo will make him better?! When will Lavar realize that his antics are not helping his sons or their careers, and that if he keeps this up, Big Baller Brand will have to add another B and be called BBBB, for Big Baller Brand BUSTS.

Again, as a fan of Lonzo, and a die hard fan of the Lakers, I just want to see us have success this off season, after YEARS of having to deal with terrible teams and losing seasons. I want to believe in Lonzo and that he will get better. I want Lavar to just shut up already and be a silent partner of BBB. And if neither happens soon, it might be time for the Lakers to cut bait with another failed experiment at the #2 pick in the draft, just like they did with Russell.

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