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LeBron is taking his talents West and to the Lakers!

By Joe Castro – 

And just like that, LeBron James has done it again! Shortly after 5pm pacific time, LeBron shifted the power of the NBA more towards the West, by signing a 4 year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

For the Lakers, this means they have a very good chance of reaching the playoffs again, something they have missed out on since 2013. This also means the Lakers finally have another superstar to cheer for since the departure of Kobe Bryant. And if the Lakers could add a few more key pieces to its young core, the Lakers will be in the hunt for another NBA Title in the next few years.

Since this is a 3 year guaranteed contract, with a player option for year 4, the Lakers and LeBron have time to build a championship contender. And my guess, is that after year 3, the Lakers will sign LeBron to a 4 year max extension, keeping him in the Purple and Gold until the age of 40, and the end of his career. His kids will be enrolled in local California high schools playing basketball, so there is no way he will move them and make them change schools. (Unless he goes to the Clippers!?!? YIKES)

So what does this mean for Cleveland, the Cavaliers Franchise and its fans? Well, they seem to be handling better then the least time LeBron left, when Dan Gilbert made an ass of himself and fans burned LeBron jerseys. This time around, they have realized LeBron came home, fulfilled his promise to bring a title to Cleveland and now is finishing his career the way he sees best fit. Who will suffer most, probably all the restaurants and stores near the arena, because the Cavs will be bottom dwellers in the East for the next 3-5 years, at least.

As NBA Free Agency is in full swing, the biggest star has landed in Hollywood, and Lakers fans can only hope that others will follow LeBron to recreate ShowTime!

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