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If Lebron goes to the Lakers in 2018…Who will join him?

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By Joe Castro – 

There is more and more evidence by the day that LeBron James will not be in Cleveland next season. And many sources around the league feel he will be playing for the Lakers next season. LeBron has ties to LA, has a house out there, and gets to play for the #1 franchise in the game, and with a young player in Lonzo Ball who is a pass-first type of guy, which will work well with LeBron.

So if James is coming to the Purple and Gold next season, who might be joining him? Let’s look at some of the player or players who might join the Lakers in 2018:

Paul George – This LA native was rumored to be heading to The Lakers in 2017, before the OKC trade. If OKC doesn’t win a title and if Westbrook leaves there as well, George could be one of the top options for the LeBron duo.

Russell Westbrook – Speaking of Westbrook, another LA native, he has been rumored for years to be heading home and taking over where Kobe left off. A front count of Westbrook and Ball would be down right scary. Add LeBron and the rest of the young Lakers and watch out!

DeMarcus Cousins – Boogie has had ties to LA for a while now, and when I met him in Las Vegas three years ago, he said he has always had love for Los Angeles (Inside Information). Boogie holding down the center while LeBron and Ball run the court could be enough to make the Lakers title contenders.

Dwayne Wade – Wade and LeBron were a dynamic trio, with Bosh, in Miami, and I am sure Wade would love to join forces with LeBron for another chance at a title.

Chris Paul – Could the Lakers FINALLY get Paul to join their team after David Stern so famously screwed the Lakers back in Dec 2011 (On my birthday of course).  Paul is in the latter part of his career, but he still wants a title, and LA was his home for seven years with the Clippers. Paul, Ball, and LeBron could be a running nightmare for opponents.

Brook Lopez – The Lakers are renting Lopez for one season and if he proves to be a valuable asset and wants a title, why wouldn’t he re-sign with the Lakers for less money and chase a ring?

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Another one year Lakers’ rental could end up signing with the Lakes for less money, just to team up with LeBron and another superstar. Caldwell-Pope is a young talent with huge upside, and I for one am very excited to watch him this year

Joel Embiid – While the Sixers have said they want to sign him to an extension, for now, he will a free agent next season.  I am not sure he and Ball would get along after Embiid stuck his foot in his mouth on draft night, or that the Lakers would want a talented/often injured player, but if he is healthy, he is a beast!

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