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Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Sends Clear Message

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By Ryan Paul –

Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended 6 games by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell for violating the League’s personal conduct policy, sending a clear message that Goodell is still judge, jury and executioner and is not afraid to come crashing down on marquee players.

Following the Tom Brady suspension, many fans thought that maybe Goodell didn’t like Brady or maybe he didn’t like the fact that the Pats were head and shoulders better than the rest of the league and were making everyone else look bad.

This should put an end to the bias claims but it also puts Goodell firmly in the crosshairs of another powerful owner, Dallas Cowboys Head Man Jerry Jones.

As evidenced by Jones’ falling out with Jimmy Johnson, Jones is not one to dodge a good fight with a powerful opponent. Granted Johnson was an employee, but he was a damn beloved and entrenched one, much like former Head Coach Tom Landry, who Jones also dispatched with an apathetic viciousness and aplomb.

The long delay makes fans wonder if the delay was so the Cowboys could appeal the suspension and have Zeke on the field for opening day, but for sure, this story is far from writing its last chapter.

Stay tuned…

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