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2019 NFL DRAFT First Round Winners And Losers

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  • by Ryan Paul


  1. Washington DC – When was the last time anyone heard the words “draft winners” and Washington in the same sentence? They CRUSHED IT. Dwayne Haskins looks Peyton Manning-esque in his control, execution and poise on the football field and he has vowed to destroy The NFL, specifically the 14 teams that passed on him. Anytime you get, arguably, the best quarterback in the draft at the #15 spot, you lit it up…AND THEN THEY GOT Montez Sweat! Sweat is a freak and the price and draft execution was flawless. ‘Nuff said…
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Capitalizing on the Raiders being unable or unwilling to trade down, the Jaguars got OLB Josh Allen with the #7 pick. NOBODY that knows this game would be surprised 5 years from now if Josh Allen is, by far, the best player in this draft. He is an extremely polished pass rusher and can only bolster an already pretty vicious defense. Major come up by Jacksonville.  
  3. San Francisco 49ers – They got MAGA Meathead Nick Bosa at the 2 spot. That’s a win, no matter what, and even if he bombs out of the NFL, just dropping Bosa in San Francisco is going to be abundantly interesting and entertaining, to say the least. Surprising that this isn’t already a reality show…Give it time.
  4. Baltimore Ravens – Marquise Effin’ Brown. Period.


  1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray could be the second coming of Randall Cunningham and Arizona would still belong here in the Losers section. Not trading Josh Rosen to the New York Giants or anyone else BEFORE the draft could prove to be a mistake of epic proportions. The insanity of letting Rosen sit on his couch and watch you draft Kyler Murray is immeasurable. There is nothing positive that can come out of A) keeping both him and Murray and B) not trading Rosen before the draft. This is way more of a headscratcher than the Raiders’ draft, no question.
  2. New York Giants – WTF! Daniel Jones?!? AT SIX?!? NO! NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO! Josh Rosen is currently available for pennies on the dollar and could still very well be Aaron Rodgers minus the running ability. And you don’t pick up the phone right after the Kyler Murray pick and offer a 2nd or even a 3rd rounder for him and then take any of the Defensive Beasts available at 6?? Stunning. I’m not sure ANY OTHER TEAM even had Jones as a first round prospect and NO TEAM ON THE PLANET had him rated higher than Dwayne Haskins. It’s entirely possible they could’ve had him at 17 OR 30 and could’ve traded up to almost any slot in between 17 and 30 and had him. For a team that was so well run for so long, this one is really confusing. That said, Dexter Lawrence is a man-bear-pig, and Deandre Baker should be an instant upgrade. Even still, not getting Rosen + the price they paid for Daniel Jones puts them on this list (How much is that Filet of Fish? 4 dollars? Can I pay 10 dollars instead?)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger?!? 37 year old Ben Roethlisberger?!? The guy that was talking about retirement less than two years ago?!? What’s that? What does Big Ben have to do with the draft? Nothing, but it needed to be said. Add to that, Dwayne Haskins seeming tailor made to have been the heir apparent in Pittsburgh. THERE.ARE.NO.WORDS.

Verdict Is Still Out

Oakland Vegas Raiders – Mayock, How do you not trade down from 4? How do you not draft Antonio Brown’s cousin, Marquise Brown at 24, go ALL IN ON THE BROWN’S JERSEY SELLING BUSINESS and then take Josh Jacobs at 27? Nobody behind you was going to take Josh Jacobs before the 27th pick and it’s definitely arguable that the Raiders could’ve had him with the third overall pick in the second round.

Now, let’s not bury the lead too badly: The Raiders had a good draft. They drafted very good players that can all contribute NOW and should probably be up above in the winners’ column. But WOW, did they pass up a golden opportunity to maximize their draft picks.

Not trading down in the draft (or up later on) could really haunt this team for years to come. Think about this scenario: They trade out of the four slot with Jacksonville after telling them they are taking Josh Allen. They still get their man Clelin Ferrell at 7, AND they load up on a bounty of picks next year, then take Marquise Brown at 24. Then take Jerry Tillery at 27. Trade up for Johnathan Abram or literally anyone you want using just SOME of the bounty received from Jacksonville. Then, take Josh Jacobs tomorrow with the 35th overall pick. How did this not happen. Shocking.



Never has a team done this well in the draft and still had this many unanswered questions.

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