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NFL Week 13 – Starts & Sits

By: Joe Castro –    Start Ems QB Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz RB Austin Ekeler, Gus Edwards,...


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  • Super Bowl Prop Bets, from Players to JLO Podcast January 29, 2020
    We all LOVE the Super Bowl, mainly for the action on the field, and for all the great commercials… BUT, what about all the AMAZING Prop Bets you can make? Besides the Player Props, how about all the other great Props, like National Anthem, Halftime Show and Gatorade Color? This is a great show to […]
  • 2020 Super Bowl LIV Extravaganza Podcast January 28, 2020
    This is it! The big game is just around the corner, so this is a show you don’t want to miss this show! Before we break down in depth each Super Bowl team from top to bottom and give our predictions for the Super Bowl winner, we take a look at the Conference Championship games, […]
  • NFL Conference Championship Playoffs – Game by Game Analysis and Coverage Podcast January 17, 2020
    The boys missed talking about the first 2 Rounds of the NFL Playoffs, so they are recapping the Wild Card and Divisional Rounds. PLUS they are breaking down each losing team, and where they go from here to get back into the Playoffs in 2020. And then they dive into the Conference Championship Games! Dont […]
  • Sports Stories of the Day Podcast – Joe Burrow, LSU, MLB, NFL, XFL January 17, 2020
    What a crazy week it has been in the world of Sports! We saw Joe Burrow and LSU dismantle Clemson, MLB come down hard on the Cheaters, the NFL lose another star in its prime, and the XFL getting closer to its re-launch! Give this show a listen and let us know your thoughts on […]
  • NFL Week 16 – Game by Game Picks Podcast December 21, 2019
    This is it! The last 2 weeks of the season, and with SO MANY games meaning so much for the Playoffs, no teams will be resting their starters. Make sure to enjoy the Saturday games, and the last big Monday night game of the season!
  • NFL Week 14 – Game by Game Picks Podcast December 7, 2019
    The Boys are chugging along and both went 11-5 last week! This week, they agree on most of the games with only a few surprises sprinkled in. As the weather gets colder, their picks keep heating up, so make sure to give this show a listen before setting your picks league or hitting your local […]
  • NFL Week 13 – Game by Game Picks Podcast November 28, 2019
    Apologies to all our fans for the sound quality (or lack thereof) of the show last week and thanks to everyone that let us know that there was a problem. NFL WEEK 13 IS UPON US!! The boys are back on track calling a steady and consistent stream of winners and WEEK 13 should be […]
  • NFL Week 12 – Game by Game Picks Podcast November 22, 2019
    Last week Joey went on a tear to the tune of only 2 losses! This week the boys basically agree on almost every game, which means they are both geniuses or they will both suffer some tough losses. The way they have been crushing it all season, it should be another great week of calling […]
  • NFL Week 11 – Game by Game Picks Podcast November 16, 2019
    What a terrible week for calling winners and losers last week was! It was so bad, we have blanked it out of our memory, and are getting back on track this week! There are some tasty mashups on the slate for Sunday, so we hope you enjoy this podcast before then!
  • Fantasy Football Week 11 – Adds, Drops, Starts & Sits Podcast November 16, 2019
    Last week the boys gave out some great advice on players to pick up, top, and who to start or sit! With the playoffs just a few weeks away, every game is a MUST WIN! Get the edge over the other players in your league (Unless they listen to this show too lol)
  • NFL Week 10 – Game by Game Picks Podcast November 8, 2019
    *** Joe switches to Chicago and Seattle with Stafford and Kittle both OUT The NFL Season is over half way DONE, and the Boys are still chugging along and making some GREAT predictions each week! Listen here for a Game By Game breakdown before the games kickoff this week!
  • Fantasy Football Week 10 – Adds, Drops, Starts & Sits Podcast November 8, 2019
    This has gotta be one of the toughest weeks to set a lineup in the Fantasy Football Season! Many top players are injured or tweaked, and with 6 teams on Bye, you have to make some great waiver moves and roster decisions to survive!
  • NFL Week 9 – Game by Game Picks Podcast November 3, 2019
    Note: The NY Jets admitted they were trying to trade Le’Veon Bell and claim to have cleared the air with Bell, so Ryan is changing his asinine Miami pick to the NYJ. Last week the boys were NEARLY PERFECT, with only ONE Loss! This week they both feel they are going to be perfect, and […]
  • Fantasy Football Week 9 – Adds, Drops, Starts & Sits Podcast November 1, 2019
    The Fantasy Season is half way done, so NOW is the time that every win counts if you are trying to make your leagues playoffs! You need to be picking up backups like Latavius Murray, Kenyan Drake and Jaylen Samuels… You need to take chances on some guys who might blow up late and you […]
  • NFL Week 8 – Game by Game Picks Podcast October 25, 2019
    Ryan is ON FIRE with his NFL PICKS going 12-2 last week, while Joe went 10-4. Both guys are heating up down the stretch, and this week they agreed on EVERY SINGLE GAME!!! Which means they are both going 15-0! Give this show a listen and we hope you enjoy!
  • Fantasy Football Week 8 – Adds, Drops, Starts & Sits Podcast October 24, 2019
    Last week the boys had a Bye week, with both Ryan and Joe being out of town for work.  But this week they are back, giving you all the knowledge you need to set your fantasy lineup! Who should you pick up? Who should you drop? Who should you start? And who should you sit? […]
  • NFL Week 7 – Game by Game Picks Podcast October 20, 2019
    Last week was, ummm, BAD. Joey had his first sub .500 week of the year (and his first in recent memory), and with Ryan going 7 & 7, the boys are now tied for the year heading into this week’s games! Shockingly, they agreed on all the morning games, and then all hell breaks loose […]
  • NFL Week 6 – Game by Game Picks Podcast October 12, 2019
    Ryan went on a tear last week and is neck and neck with Joey for wins and losses for the year. With both guys feeling a Perfect week coming on you need to listen and see for yourself to see who is really calling the shots.
  • Fantasy Football Week 6 – Adds, Drops, Starts & Sits Podcast October 10, 2019
    Week 6 is when people start separating themselves from the bottom dwellers, or when they start to lose sight of the Playoff hopes… You need to make sure you are making the right waiver moves, the right trades, and setting the perfect lineup each week, to get thru the heart of the season and make […]
  • NFL Week 5 – Game by Game Picks Podcast October 3, 2019
    NOTE: THIS SHOW WAS RECORDED ON MONDAY NIGHT. DON’T SAY WE DIDN’T WARN YOU! Last week, Ryan was okay with his Week 4 NFL PICKS, going 8-7 while Joey embarrassed himself with a sub .500 performance of 7-8. Ryan and Joe vow to get it back on track in Week 5. Check out the latest: […]
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